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Welcome to Zhaoyuan Jinwang Mining Machine Co., Ltd. official website!


Jinwang company general office

Add: No.111, Beiyuan East Road, Development Zone, Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Shandong.

Tel: +86-535-8257679

Mobile: +86-131 8401 1215


Qingdao branch

Address: 14B, huapu building, 68 Hong Kong middle road, city south district, Qingdao.

Mobile: +86-18353518470




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Address: No. 111, Beiyuan East Road, Zhaoyuan Development Zone, Yantai, Shandong

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corporate culture

Jinwang always insist on the values of keep promises to make success, faces the world, and actively responds to the needs of customers from all over the world, loyal to the wide customer groups, relying on modern leading technology, reasonable process and energy efficient equipment, to provide customers with high-quality equipment, the most reasonable technological process, high-quality equipment configuration, to form the most intimate one-stop service, ultimately achieve customer satisfaction, and the enterprise always maintain vitality.

Enterprise tenet

To provide comprehensive mine development solutions, manufacturing advanced technology, conducive to the environment, high efficiency and energy saving mining equipment, to achieve the maximization of global mine customer value.

Enterprise vision

Based in China, to become the world's top mining equipment manufacturers and service providers.

Enterprise employment concept

The sea embraces all rivers. Adhere to the people-oriented concept, pay attention to the development and improvement of employees’ ability and integrity, and achieve the values of the company and employees, development goals to reach harmony and unity

Enterprise core strength

Talent is the most important resource; talent team can create a stronger core competitiveness and inexhaustible power to enterprise continuous development.

Enterprise objective

International famous brand

Enterprise competitive advantage

Realize comprehensive mining technology, quality products, and good service.

Enterprise market philosophy

Careful work, attention to detail, customer first, public praise.

Enterprise service philosophy

What you need is what we can do!

The key to business success

Positive common goals

Core high-quality leadership team

Excellent talents with multiple majors

Continuously innovate and improve the technical level

Effective incentive mechanism to form a good corporate atmosphere

Encourage the free airing of views, motivate employees

The enterprise maintains good normal order

Honest and trustworthy with customers

Strong sense of social responsibility