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News detail

Shandong Zhaoyuan Gold Industry's transformation and development no longer "supports gold for profits"

Xinhua News Agency Information Nanning Power Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province has been ranked first in the nationwide county-level cities in terms of gold production for 38 years. Currently, gold reserves and annual production account for 1/10 of the country's total. In 2012, Zhaoyuan City produced 1.178 million tons of gold. It became the first county in the country with an annual output of over a million gold.

On the one hand, global gold prices continue to be high, and on the other, strategic transformation of resource-based cities. Zhaoyuan City, known as the "Jincheng Tianfu," abandons the myopic tendency of favoring gold, and does not hesitate to accelerate the promotion of industrial restructuring and the development of an intensive economy in the first place, and to promote sustainable economic development.

——“Transferring from the Golden to the Non-existent”: The Quiet Conversion of the Protagonists

On December 13, 2012, Zhaoyuan City held a meeting to centralize the 2013 key city reserve projects; among the 134 city-level key reserve projects, there were only 2 gold deposit projects. Of the 30 largest investment projects in the city of Zhaoyuan in 2012, only one of the 30 largest investment projects was involved in gold projects.

The "non-gold industry" "beloved" shows the historic transformation of Zhaoyuan City's economic development protagonist.

In recent years, Zhaoyuan City has issued a series of policies to support the development of non-gold industries, and has strongly encouraged and guided gold production companies to invest in non-gold industries. Priority will be given to land supply for projects that are transformed from gold production enterprises, and for those who have invested more than 50 million yuan in urban infrastructure support fees, etc., and other construction fee collection items will be charged according to the minimum charging standards.

In addition, Zhaoyuan City also set a special reserve of 50 million yuan for sustainable development to provide financial support for the development of non-financial industries.

Correspondingly, Zhaoyuan City set up a special organization—the gold transformation and promotion working committee, which is responsible for the coordination, scheduling, and guidance of the transformation of gold production enterprises; the “high-end, high-quality, high-efficiency, and sustainable development” as a non-gold industrial project. The primary conditions for selection are relying on Zhaoyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, a national-level development zone, and Zhaoyuan Binhai Science and Technology Industrial Zone, which is located in the frontier zone of the blue economy, to exert its industrial agglomeration effect, accelerate the development of high-tech industries, and break through the development of modern service industries. The non-gold industry has risen rapidly.

By advancing the "turning to non-finance", Zhaoyuan's economic structure began to change significantly. The non-gold industry emerged as a new force and its share in the economic structure continued to increase, playing an increasingly important role.

- "Golden Health": Dialectics on the Ground

While advancing the “turning from non-financial capital”, Zhaoyuan City also embarked on a drastic adjustment and optimization of the internal structure of the gold industry, focusing on lengthening the industrial chain and reducing the proportion of mining and smelting. "Depending on mining and smelting, we have harvested the 'first barrel of gold' from the source of the gold industry, but this barrel of gold has high cost and low added value." Zhang Wei, secretary of Zhaoyuan City Party Committee, said, "Only the extension of the gold industrial chain can increase the Values ​​to achieve 'golden gold'."

Zhaoyuan’s goal is to achieve “half of the ground and half of the ground”. The proportion of smelting in the entire gold industry will be reduced to below 50%, while the proportion of gold deep processing will be raised to more than 50%. Through various methods such as technology introduction and strategic cooperation, the Zhaoyuan Gold Processing Industry is constantly growing and expanding, and the gold industry chain is continuously growing.

In addition to making a direct fuss on deep processing of gold, Zhaoyuan City also seeks value-added space from each link of the gold industrial chain. They continuously enlarge the advantages of gold machinery manufacturing, build a mining machinery industrial park, and build a platform for the development of the city's mining machinery industry. At present, the park has attracted 122 private enterprises to enter the gold mining machinery industry, and 53 enterprises have become enterprises above designated size through incubating in the park. The metal mining machinery output of the park accounts for more than 10% of the country's total. Taking Zhaoyuan Gold Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. as an example, this company's initial value when it enters the park is less than 5 million yuan, such as this year's output value has reached 120 million yuan, the product also exported to Mongolia, Myanmar, North Korea, Laos and other countries.

The two major structural adjustments and economic transformation strategies of “turning gold into non-finance” and “golden money” continue to be promoted, and Zhaoyuan’s economic development has made considerable progress. In 2012, Zhaoyuan’s local fiscal revenue jumped to RMB 3 billion to reach RMB 3.38 billion; its overall strength continued to advance among the top 100 counties in the country, ranking it 38th. Zhang Wei said: “In the past we have been keeping our eyes fixed on the ground. Practice tells us that if we only look at the underground, we will be exhausted, and we will only look at the ground and we will have a bright future.”

—— “Sarry Gold Rush”: Circular Economy in Mining and Smelting

“We do not use gold, but we smelt the most gold concentrates in the country,” said Liu Jincai, head of political work at Zhaoyuan National University of China. NUS Gold can do this thanks to its advanced multi-element recovery and full-process recycling technology.

As the country's largest gold mining and smelting foundation, Zhaoyuan is also an important part of its transformation article.

In the past, the low level of mining and metallurgy and the backwardness of process management not only caused huge waste of gold mine resources, but also polluted the environment. In response to this situation, Zhaoyuan City has increased investment in related technology research and development, and the city has taken out 100 million yuan from the profits of the gold industry each year, which is specially used for technical transformation in the gold mining and metallurgical industry.

Zhaoyuan City also established a provincial-level science and technology research and development center and a provincial gold science and technology information center, and jointly conducted technological research and development with Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, and Shandong University, and invested 10 million yuan each year as a gold technology research and development fund, which was established at Zhaojin Group. Postdoctoral workstation. At present, there are 1,600 scientific and technical personnel engaged in gold mining and metallurgy at Zhaoyuan. They have obtained 110 achievements in natural science research and 35 achievements in enterprise management research. Among them, the “Gold Mine Recycling Economy and Eco-industrial Mode Construction” project led by Zhaoyuan City passed the academician expert group certification. The expert group believes that this project has for the first time integrated innovation and process optimization and transformation of the key technologies of gold mining, ore dressing, cyanidation, smelting, eco-industry and recycling economy, and has obtained innovations such as safe, efficient, low-loss mining and comprehensive utilization of resources. The technological achievements have achieved green and efficient mining, ecological smelting, and reduction and recycling of the "three wastes."

The transformation of the industry enabled Zhaoyuan to break through the barriers of resource dependence and achieve a transformation from a single economy to a compound economy. What is even more gratifying is that the environmental quality of Zhaoyuan has greatly improved. The Luoshan River, which was heavily polluted, has become clear. One gold tailings warehouse has been removed, and one mine that has been damaged has been obtained. Greening becomes Huaguoshan...

"To achieve sustainable development, we still have a lot of articles to do. As long as we unswervingly push the economy from resource dependence to innovation and change, our development path will become wider and wider." Zhang Wei's "Golden City Tianfu" industrial transformation The future of development is full of confidence.