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Explain the knowledge of mining machinery lubrication and maintenance by taking the milling machine as an example

For heavy machinery, especially machinery and equipment such as industrial milling equipment, such as pulverizers, jaw crushers, etc., in the high-speed operation, the lubrication and maintenance of the core components is very important, the correct lubrication and maintenance will make the machine life Greatly extended, work efficiency increased. Now let our professionals introduce the knowledge of mechanical lubrication and maintenance. For example, the sand mill, the crusher, the jaw crusher, and the impact crusher also have a reference role and will not be repeated one by one.
The following is a summary of the main issues in this interview:
1. What is the role of lubrication?
The role of lubrication is to reduce friction, reduce wear, and improve equipment efficiency and equipment maintenance measures taken.
2. What is the "five set" of equipment lubrication?
Designated person, fixed point, regular, quantitative, qualitative.
3, lubrication according to the different surface and working conditions are divided into several categories?
Divided into fluid dynamic pressure lubrication, boundary lubrication, semi-liquid film lubrication.
4. What types of lubricants are classified according to the viscosity grade?
Divided into light, medium quality, heavy three.
5. Which three concepts are usually used to indicate the viscosity and temperature characteristics of lubricants?
Viscosity index, viscosity ratio, viscosity temperature coefficient
6. What is a solid lubricant?
Solid lubricants use solid powders, films or composites as lubricating materials. Divided into four categories of soft metals, metal compounds, non-metallic and other inorganic and organic substances.
7. What are the two types of lubrication methods and devices according to the form of lubricant supply lubrication points?
Divided into separate lubrication and centralized lubrication.
8. What is oil mist lubrication? What are its advantages?
Oil mist lubrication is through the oil mist lubrication equipment, the oil flow is transferred into a mist and dispersed to the lubrication site for lubrication, its advantage is that it can receive any good effect, and can disperse a lot of heat on the friction pair, reducing the operating temperature Take away debris and tiny dust particles to reduce fuel consumption.
9. What factors need to be considered when choosing a grease?
Need to consider temperature, speed, load, environment and other factors.
10, which parts of the grease composition?
Consists of base oils, thickeners, stabilizers, and additives