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Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province Accelerates Economic Transformation and Opens up Sustainable Development

Yantai Zhaoyuan, a city with the birth of gold, has a gold reserve and annual output of 1/10 of the country. In the past year, Zhaoyuan City's self-produced gold reached 1,117,800, becoming the first ultra-million-county city in the country, and its 38-year gold output ranks first among the county-level cities nationwide. In recent years, in order to achieve sustainable development, Zhaoyuan City has continuously accelerated its economic transformation, freed itself from resource dependence and embarked on a path of sustainable development.
Accelerate the Diversified Development of Industry and Realize the "Gold on the Gold"
In order to get rid of the "one gold only" situation, Zhaoyuan continued to strengthen the exploration of alternative industries and alternative industries in accordance with the development concept of "using gold to create jobs." Year after year, the “turn to non-financial” project not only makes the city’s economic structure more reasonable and more dynamic, but also allows the gold companies to accumulate funds to find a broader, more growth-oriented investment field.
The city has introduced a series of policies to support the development of non-gold industries, specifically established a reserve for sustainable development of 50 million yuan, and established a working committee for the promotion of gold transformation to make "high-end, high-quality, high-efficiency, and sustainable development" a non- The primary conditions for the selection of gold industry projects relied on Zhaoyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, a state-level development zone, to accelerate the development of high-tech industries, and to break through the development of modern service industries, so that non-gold industries will rise rapidly.
Chunyu Group was once a pure gold production enterprise in Zhaoyuan City. Now under the guidance of the policy, it seizes the strategic opportunity of the construction of the blue economic zone in Shandong Peninsula, invests 1 billion yuan to build a blue ocean-based tourism and high-end manufacturing industry. Color economic clusters have broadened the company's follow-up development path.
Zhaojin Group, which is a gold backbone enterprise in Zhaoyuan City, and China National Mining Group, go further in terms of “turning to non-finance”. Zhaojin Group has successfully entered the electronics industry by participating in Jinbao Electronics Group, the largest electronic substrate manufacturing company in the country; its registered capital is more than RMB 80 million, and it has become the leading company in the field of membrane production in China. Mining the richest gold cultural resources in Luoshan orefield, Asia’s largest orefield, and investing more than RMB800 million in the Shandong Jinou Group to build a goldsmith-inspired gold mining town, a gold museum, a gold real estate expo garden and a gold-themed “Great” Jinmai Film and Television Base has formed a unique trip to China's Golden Capital. In 2012, the number of visitors to the "Golden Trip" reached 3.42 million, and tourism revenue reached 5.28 billion yuan.
With the orderly advancement of industrial transformation, the non-gold industry in Zhaoyuan City has risen to the fore and has played a leading role in economic development. From 2010 to 2012, the city implemented a total of 102 non-gold projects, accumulatively completed a total investment of 5.57 billion yuan, and successfully cultivated and developed high-tech electronics, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, marine biology, eco-agriculture, eco-tourism, and modern logistics. With non-financial industrial clusters with industrial agglomeration, advanced technology, and ecological protection, the proportion of non-gold industries in the city's economy exceeds 50%.
Accelerate the development of the industrial chain
While advancing the “turning from gold to non-finance”, Zhaoyuan City also embarked on drastic adjustment and optimization of the internal structure of the gold industry, reducing the proportion of mining smelting in the entire gold industry to less than 50%, and increasing the proportion of gold deep processing. To more than 50%, achieve the "half of the ground, half of the ground" goal, to achieve "gold in the gold." To this end, the city's gold companies focus on improving the gold refining process, expanding gold jewelry processing, industrial gold, gold trading, upgrading the gold machinery manufacturing industry, through the introduction of technology, strategic cooperation and other ways to extend the gold industry chain.
The city's Zhaojin Group, China National Ore Group and other key enterprises have expanded their gold smelting capacity through technological transformation, developed gold purification processes, and promoted the improvement of gold refining capacity. The city has formed a scale of 200 tons of smelting and processing gold and silver products, annual refining standard gold ingots of more than 80 tons, standard silver ingots 105 tons. The “zhaojin” gold bullion was successfully registered at the London Gold and Silver Market Association and became a qualified delivery brand in the London bullion market. Zhaoyuan City has become a national gold and silver identification center, the largest gold trading center in northern China and the country's largest gold and silver production base. The city has also actively guided the gold companies to cooperate with famous gold jewelry processing companies at home and abroad and cultivated domestic famous brands such as “zhaojin”, “Lu Jinjiang” and “zhaojinyinlou”. Zhaoyuan Gold Jewelry City has continuously developed a series of high value-added products such as sterling silver dumplings, pure gold coins, “a bucket of gold” and “daily gold”, with an annual sales of 4.5 billion yuan. The largest gold jewelry production and marketing base in northern China. The city also seeks breakthroughs in the field of industrial gold, and researches and develops industrial high-end gold products such as gold salts, silver salts, and gold bonds. At present, the market share of various types of products exceeds 60%, and annual sales revenue is more than 6 billion yuan.
Accelerate the development of circular economy and realize "turn waste into gold"
As the country's largest gold mining and smelting base, Zhaoyuan City has continuously implemented mining, smelting and tapping potential transformation projects. Through the implementation of the development of recycling economy, it has increased the level of comprehensive utilization of resources, and the former waste has become the “new gold mine” of today. Economic benefits and eco-friendly win-win situation.
The city specializes in setting up a science and technology research and development center, which takes 100 million yuan from the profits of the gold industry each year, and is specifically used for technological transformation in the gold mining and metallurgical industry. The “Gold Mine Recycling Economy and Eco-industrial Mode Construction” dominated by China National Mining Group has for the first time integrated innovation and process optimization and transformation of the key technologies for gold mine mining, ore dressing, cyanidation, smelting, eco-industry and recycling economy. The advancement of technology has also effectively increased the utilization rate of Zhaoyuan's gold resources, greatly reduced the mining costs, and enabled the city's 1.5 million tons of ore with a grade of 1 gram or less to be redeveloped and used. The wool material previously abandoned in the barren mountains was also renewed. Huiguo" into gold. The city's Jiehe Gold Mine utilizes gold tailings to produce heat insulation wall ASA plates through a new process. The daily digested tailings sand reaches 400 tons, which not only effectively solves the gold tailings destruction environmental problem, but also produces a good economic benefit. .
The industrial transformation has enabled Zhaoyuan City to break through the barriers of resource dependence and realize the transition from a single economy to a compound economy. What is even more gratifying is the great improvement in the quality of the city's ecological environment. Nowadays, after entering Jindu Zhaoyuan, the Luoshan River has become clear. One gold mine tailings warehouse has been removed, and mines that have been mined have been greened.
In the new year, Zhaoyuan plans to promote 33 gold transformation projects, plans to invest 3 billion yuan during the year, and strives to achieve new opportunities in the areas of comprehensive utilization of gold resources, non-gold mining machinery, electric vehicles, marine economy, and urban construction. Breakthrough, and promote the transformation of the gold industry to a new level.
Promoting the Transformation of the Gold Industry and Creating an Ecologically Civilized City
Zhaoyuan Municipal Party Committee of the CPC Zhaoyuan City People's Government
Accelerating economic transformation and upgrading is the only way for sustainable development of resource-based cities. As the country's largest gold producer, Zhaoyuan City is deeply impressed by the urgent and arduous task of speeding up the transformation of the gold industry. In order to promote sustainable economic development in the city, in recent years, Zhaoyuan has relied on the financial advantages accumulated by the gold industry to speed up the development of non-gold industries, lengthen the gold industry chain, expand and strengthen the gold industry, and fully promote the transformation of the gold industry. Ecologically civilized city.
The first is to accelerate the development of non-gold industries. Grasp the "blue and yellow" strategy for the implementation of the opportunity period, the use of national economic and technological development zone industrial cluster effect, accelerate the development of high-tech industries, break through the development of modern service industries, and promote the rapid rise of non-gold industry. Since 2011, the city's non-financial industries have invested a total of 5.57 billion yuan, and 102 projects have been promoted from "gold" to "non-nuclear," forming high-tech electronics, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, marine biology, ecological agriculture, and ecology. Tourism, modern logistics, and other emerging industrial clusters.
The second is to lengthen the gold industry chain. We will give full play to the advantages of the country’s main gold producing areas and the qualifications of the Shanghai Gold Exchange Center for the delivery of warehouses, and vertically develop and expand industries such as gold machinery, gold refining, gold jewelry processing, gold trading, gold chemicals, and gold tourism, and have initially formed a reasonable layout and distinct characteristics. Gold industry system.
The third is to enlarge and strengthen the gold business. Through accelerating the integrated innovation of the gold mine recycling economy and ecological model, and strengthening the technological transformation of enterprises, the city’s mine production achieved green, high-efficiency mining, ecological smelting, and utilization of “three wastes” resources, and at the same time promoted the development of ultra-low-grade mines and gold. Tailings utilization. The “grazing net” of gold ore not only effectively solved the problem of environmental pollution, but also produced good economic benefits, and opened up a path of sustainable development with Zhaoyuan’s unique eco-environmental protection.